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Well, maybe everyone's gone now, but.

Hey, why not. I just hit this community. Not sure whether you'd prefer them separate or all in the same entry, but I feel like playing!

Title: Lulu's Lust
Author: AuronLu
Rating: R
Challenge: Lust
Word Count: 400
Pairing: Auron/Lulu
Warnings: Spoilers to end of FFX.

"I suppose I could add you to my list," the sorceress said disdainfully, turning away. "Good luck, little boy."

Lulu knew that she was rusty. She hadn't played that game in so long. It was ludicrous to be playing it now with the boy from the sea who tagged after her looking for guidance when he wasn't hunting her cleavage.

That list. Yes, she still had it, dusty and neglected as it was. It was badly in need of revision. Yes, Jassu had stirred her ever since he told her what the sea meant, what it really meant, to the fishermen who spent their lives with it. She was intriguing, although there was something strangely off about a Summoner who seemed to materialize out of the ground at unlikely moments to challenge Yuna to a friendly game of you-show-me-yours-I'll-show-you-mine. And Wakka was somewhere near the bottom. The other names on the list all belonged to persons who had moved their address to the Farplane. Except, well.

The problem was, he probably was dead too. Just about the time she had been quite certain that she would like to start living again, and pondering whether it would be possible to crack open his armor and learn whether his scar went all the way down, Seymour had put a name to her suspicions. Then Auron had to go and clinch them by fleeing the Farplane gates like they'd bitten him.

Guardians did not survive pilgrimages. The legend was a sham, after all. Or at least his breathing was.

Knowing the truth didn't help. Yevon, it didn't help at all. Lulu watched Sir Auron in combat, deadly and efficient. She listened to his curt retorts and was grateful when Tidus or Wakka or Rikku said something foolish to goad him into grumbling. She watched him hide behind those glasses, his coat, his cowl, his scar, and she knew with a thrill that all his vitality was mere illusion, that every step he took was a battle. Maybe she had grown so accustomed to death that it smelled like life to her. All she knew was that she wanted to find out what would happen if black magic and the pulse of pyreflies were brought together, whether death and death might cancel out each other somehow, breed life again hot and burning between her thighs.

Sir Auron, circled in red, right at the top.

Title: Sugar and Spice
Author: AuronLu
Rating: PG-13
Challenge: Gluttony
Word Count: 100
Pairing: Auron/Lulu
Warnings: Yet another attack of the running cupcake jokes from aulu, in honor of cupcakemonster.

"Have another."

What did Rikku put in them? Lulu bent forward to seize half a cupcake clutched in Auron's teeth. It wasn't like sharing strawberries. You couldn't finish with mouths pressed together, hot and wet, because it was just cupcake, sugary-sweet like the girl who'd pestered Rin for keys to the kitchen. Lulu couldn't fault her, however. Auron with pink sugar dusting his stubble was delectable.

Especially with a cupcake army marching down his chest. Because, well, Rikku had made a double batch, then found out everyone else was asleep.

Lulu had assured her that storage would be no problem.

Title: Extension Denied
Author: AuronLu
Rating: R
Challenge: Greed
Word Count: 200
Pairing: Auron/Lulu
Warnings: Spoilers to the end of FFX.

Lulu told herself that it would be fine. This time, she had warning. There would be no unpleasant surprises, no stranger from the front lines telling her how her lover had been ripped to pieces. She had watched Auron's death in advance while the others were too busy reeling over Yunalesca's madness to notice. It was signed and sealed along with his missing eye, his down payment to the Farplane.

Was it greedy for her to beg? He was so tired of holding himself together. She felt it when he was going away from her, even while they moved easily in the shadows of her cabin, rough and heaving in the grey dawn. His good eye began to glaze, and it wasn't because of what she was doing to him. For a sickening moment she was always afraid he might turn pyreflies again then and there, and then she would grab his chin and push her tongue hard into his mouth until he growled and hurt her sweetly, slamming her against the thin mattress.

She never said it aloud: Ten more years, Auron. For life this time, instead of death. Is it so much to ask?

"It's been... long enough."

Title: Morning Wake-up Call
Author: AuronLu
Rating: R
Challenge: Sloth
Word Count: 300
Pairing: Auron/Lulu
Warnings: More of same. (Fuzzy)

A fist banged on the door. "Hey, Lu, are you up?"

The mage raised her head with a groan and wiped her hair away from her eyes. She was getting old. Well, Wakka had accused her of it, but the glorious ache in her hips and jaw confirmed it.

"Unh," she replied with less than her usual eloquence. "I'm getting there."

"Okay. Hey, do you remember which room is Auron's? Nobody's seen him yet this morning, an' that damned heathen running the front desk won't tell me. Sez she doesn't know." Lulu could almost hear the blitzball captain's eyes rolling in irritation.

Auron lay there unhelpfully, arms folded behind his head. Just how long had he been awake?

"Sorry, no," the mage answered, offering a silent prayer of thanks to the "heathen" proprietor who evidently knew something of propriety. The fact was, Auron had not bothered to rent a room.

"Hurry up, ya? Rikku's drivin' me nuts." Wakka stumped off down the corridor.

Lulu wasn't usually much for fuzzy chests, but Auron was so warm. She nuzzled against him, eyes flickering shut.

"You do remember that we're on pilgrimage?" Auron chided mildly.

"Mmm," she murmured. "Rikku's right. Let's just forget the whole thing. I know this island..."


"The beds are larger."

"They stick flowers in your drink."

Lulu raised her head, blinking. Auron's deadpan was as ironclad as ever. "One of Jecht's bright ideas?"

"Worse. Warrior monks, post-investiture celebration." Auron sounded pained.

"Lulu?" It was Rikku's voice this time, bearing the telltale quaver of stockpiled indignities scheduled to be placed at the mage's feet for inspection.

Lulu buried her face in his chest again. "Give me ten more minutes, Rikku!"

Auron shook her ungently. "Guardian. Up."

She gave in. There was a lot he could do in ten minutes.

Title: Vengeance
Author: AuronLu
Rating: PG
Challenge: Wrath
Word Count: 200
Pairing: Auron/Lulu
Warnings: Violence.

Lightning kept drilling into the same spot like a storm in the mountains, hammering again and again at an iron-ore peak until it wasn't just individual bolts screaming from heaven, it was a whole tree of forked lighning taking root.

Lulu felt her strength leeching away from her limbs; she wasn't doing it right. The rule was always to anchor first to Spira's pulse, don't use your own energy, let the ebb and flow of the planet's current rush through your fingers and out. But this fight was personal, it was from her heart's fire, and she had enough bottled fury to outlast the bitch no matter how many times Yunalesca changed from one hideous shape to the next--

"Lulu." It was his voice, calling her out of the haze of wrath's madness. "It's finished. Yunalesca... is dead."

Auron risked folding a gloved hand over her outstretched fingers, bringing her arm down gently to her side. She wanted to lean back against him, but the others were there, and maybe they would realize why and how much she cared, and how wrong it was.

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

He shrugged. "Don't be. That was worth waiting ten years to see."

Title: If Only
Author: AuronLu
Rating: G
Challenge: Envy
Word Count: 300
Pairing: Auron/Lulu
Warnings: Spoiler to end of X-2.

If only.

Tidus was there, coming up out of the sea again like an Aeon (but the Fayth were gone, so how in Spira could anything have dreamed him back into being?) and waving with that goofy kid grin on his face. The mage had missed him, missed his clueless questions and his energy and his innocence and his loving Yuna so badly that it hurt to watch, knowing where the Summoner was going taking his heart along with her. But it hadn't ended up that way at all. Yuna and Lulu had both lost something precious when Spira got saved. Only the others didn't know it; they just knew what Tidus' going away meant.

She could taste the tears again that she had saved for her cabin that day. Her newborn son lay in her arms, three days old. Yuna was back from all her lonely wanderings with her face lit up with so much joy that the Fayth would be singing across Spira if they weren't lost. Everyone on the beach was whooping, storming around; Wakka was pounding Tidus on the back.

Happily ever afters. Vidina stirred and nuzzled against her, and she bent to kiss that soft cheek fiercely. "You'll never know loss." It was a lie, of course; nobody could change the world that way, and she would never admit false hopes into Vidina's future.

Wakka would be a good father.

She watched Tidus and Yuna together again in the shallows, holding onto dreams that didn't die and didn't fade away before your eyes.

She'd settled for life. She'd settled for what was possible. Yuna hadn't.

Vidina's hair was red, not black, and those pudgy features belonged to Besaid, not some other plane.

Lulu had everything. It was just the sea spray, salt in her eye.

Title: Expertise
Author: AuronLu
Rating: NC-17
Challenge: Pride
Word Count: 200
Pairing: Auron/Lulu
Warnings: Smut and unforgiveable punnage.

"Yevon!" Auron swore vehemently. A splinter of coherence returned to his face then, and he grimaced at himself in chagrin, grinding his teeth as he lost that round of the game.

"I heard that," she murmured, eyes twinkling. "I thought you didn't believe in Yevon any longer?"

"Has... anyone... ever... told you... that what you are doing... is probably blasphemy?" he grunted, shuddering between every word.

Carefully, sweetly, she twisted her hands in that certain fashion, feeling the frost prickle in the thin gap between her palms and his heated flesh before quickly melting away into a layer of warm water. "I was just trying to make you feel at home, Auron," she purred fondly. "There was no need for you to find religion again for my sake."

He groaned and gripped the furs under him, struggling to hold himself still. "You're a witch."

Her lips twisted into an arrogant smile. Lulu always had taken a certain pride in her skills, whether professional or purely private, but with Sir Auron as incentive, she had definitely surpassed herself in creativity. It was only fitting homage to a legendary hero, after all. She gave a sly lick. "You've come to the best."
Tags: deadly sins, envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth, wrath

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